Create and edit authority records in DiVA

When registering a publication in DiVA, you can easily retrieve information about an author at Umeå University by searching for the author’s authority record and linking it to the publication. Since the authority record contains information such as name, Umu-id, ORCID and organisation, you don’t need to enter this information manually each time.

Edit your authority record

Log in to DiVA with your Umu-id. You can edit your authority record via the “My authority record” entry on the first page of the DiVA administration interface.

In your own authority record, you can add or change

  • year of birth
  • e-mail address
  • academic title
  • biography
  • links (e.g. to your website or blog).

You can also set whether you want your authority record to be hidden from public view. By default, the authority record is active and public. If you don’t want your record to be public, click on the small box next to “This record is searchable in the public search interface” at the top of the page under “Public authority record”.

You cannot change names or add names/alternative names. Contact the library if you, for example, change your surname.

Update the authority record from the registration form

When you register a new publication or modify an existing record, you can update your personal record directly in the edit form.

  1. Go to “Add new publication / Upload files” or find an existing record to edit.
  2. Enter your name or Umu-id under author.
  3. Link your authority record to the publication by clicking on “Connect authority record”.
  4. Fill in the information you want to change. The following are possible:
    • add alternative name forms
    • change year of birth
    • add an organisation (by clicking on “Select organisation” and searching or scrolling to the right department or unit)
    • change e-mail address.
  5. Click on “Update authority record”.

Create an authority record

If you don’t have an authority record in DiVA, you can create one when registering a publication. To create an authority record, you need to have either an Umu-id or an ORCID. You create the authority record when you register a new publication and enter your author details.

First, check if you have an authority record by entering your name or Umu-id and then click on “Connect authority record”. If you cannot find an authority record, click on cancel. Remember to fill in all author details before creating the authority record itself.

  1. Fill in the following information under author:
    • first name and last name
    • Umu-id
    • ORCID
    • e-mail address
    • organisation (choose from the list of organisations).
  2. Click on “Create authority record”.

Pre-filled information about an author in DiVA. The button Create authority record is above the fields.

You can edit your authority record according to the instructions above if you want to add information afterwards. Please note that you will need to log out and then log back in to edit your authority record via the “My authority record” entry on the home page.


An ORCID is a persistent identifier (PID) linked to your person and distinguishes you from other researchers. Read more about ORCID and other permanent identifiers for researchers on the library website:

PID for researchers and authors

Contact the library

Contact the library if you need help making changes to your authority record and cannot edit it yourself. Select Publishing, theses and research data as the subject area.

Contact the library