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Use Umu-print via Mobility Print for phone or tablet

Make sure you are connected to UMU’s network either via eduroam or Umu-WLAN. Then go to this link with the device you want to install the application on:, the page will automatically recognize the operating system used.(If it is not the correct operating system, you can select which one you want to install in […]

Install Umu-print for Linux

This guide will help you install Umu-print for Linux. Follow the steps below: On the user’s computer, open PaperCut NG/MF. Click Enable Printing. The Print Deploy page is displayed. At the bottom of the page click the appropriate Linux.deb or Linux.rpm button. The Print Deploy client downloads with the server address in the filename (so the […]

Register voucher Umu-print

This guide helps you register vouchers for the Umu-print printing solution. Follow the steps below: Enter the code you received on your voucher. All symbols must be filled in including hyphens. Click on “Register Voucher” When the amount has been registered, you will see a text that tells you that your amount has been inserted. […]

Add funds to Umu-print

This guide will help you add funds (Umu-print). Follow the steps below: Log in to https://print.umu.se:9192/app and click on “Add funds”. Select the amount you want to deposit into your account. Fill in name and personal details. Fill in the card details and click “Pay”. Your transfer will appear as a balance in the printing […]

Install Umu-print for Windows and Mac

This guide will help you install Umu-print. Follow the eight steps below or watch the installation videos at the bottom of the page. Windows: In order to use Umu-print, you have to install a printer queue. Start by opening “Software center” on your computer by clicking the Windows key and typing “Software center” in the […]

Web print – Umu-print

This guide describes how to make a web print with Umu-print. Follow the steps below. Log in to the portal https://print.umu.se:9192/ with username and PIN code. Select “Web print” in the left  hand menu. Click “Submit a job” There are two queues predefined. ColorPrint for color prints and MonoPrint for black and white prints. Select […]