Blocked account due to risk use in Microsoft 365

This manual describes how to handle if your account has been banned due to suspicious activity that indicates a high risk to your account, and you are considered a risky user. To restore your account, you’ll need to reset your password.

If your account is blocked due to risky usage, you will receive a block and will not be able to use Microsoft 365 with your UMU account. Then you’ll see this window below:
Image showing what it looks like when a your account is blocked

To restore your account and recieve access to it you need to reset your password:

  1. Go to Click on “I have forgotten my Umu-ID and/or password”.
    Image showing your settings in the administrator tool
  2. Under Reset password, select the option that’s right for you.
    Image showing where to reset your password
  3. Now, type in your new password, and then click Save.
    Image showing how to reset your password
  4. Done! Now you’ve reset your password and can log in to your UMU-account with your new password.