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How your files are stored (Files on demand)

Below, we’ll describe what “Files on demand” means, and how your OneDrive files might be stored on your PC. What is OneDrive Files on Demand? Files on Demand is a built-in feature in OneDrive that allows you to choose how you want your files to be stored. You can save space on your computer by […]

Download your OneDrive files to your device

In this manual, we’ll tell you how to download all your OneDrive files to your computer, so you can use the files even when you don’t have access to internet. Open your explorer on your computer In the menu to the left you will find OneDrive under the blue OneDrive cloud + your name + […]

Blocked account due to risk use in Microsoft 365

This manual describes how to handle if your account has been banned due to suspicious activity that indicates a high risk to your account, and you are considered a risky user. To restore your account, you’ll need to reset your password. If your account is blocked due to risky usage, you will receive a block […]

Version history for files in Microsoft 365

In this manual, we’ll go through where to find version history of your documents in OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint. Version history can save up to 500 versions of a document, and a new version is created each time you make a change to the document. Below is a description of how to do this and […]

Record meetings in Teams

In this manual, we describe how to record digital meetings in Teams, and where to find the recording when the meeting is over. Please note that it is important that you notify the participants in the meeting beforehand so they can decide whether it is okay to be recorded.   Think before you record a meeting  […]

Create a booking site in Bookings

Bookings is a digital booking tool where you can both book other people’s services and create your own pages where people can book your services. For example, it can be tutoring times, counseling, meetings, or other services of your choice. Below you can see a description of how to create your own booking page.  Go […]

Settings for Teams telephony

This is what you will see when you click on the “Calls” tab in Teams. Observe that this view is only visible if your telephony is moved from Skype to Teams. View and add new contacts. Write the number you want to call or search for a name and call directly. Choose if you want […]

Settings for telephony in Teams

This is what you will see when you click on the “Calls” tab in the Teams app. You see a list of your call history. Click on the phone in the bottom right corner to make a call. You reach the settings by going to your profile on the left in the app, then choose […]