Most common Excel problems in LimeSurvey

The following is a list of the most common problems with Excel in LimeSurvey.

Editing a .csv

It is NOT recommended to use Excel to edit .csv files becaue Excel does changes in the data structure of a .csv file which will result in a fail during your import.   It is recommended to use Libre office or some other open source program that does not make changes to the internal data source.

Export fails

If your Excel export fails when exporting a .csv file in LimeSurvey try to clear the browser cache and all cookies. Also make sure to export the file with semicolon as the separator.

Modifying your responses before you Import back into LimeSurvey

In order to do multiple changes in a document that includes responses, sometimes you want to open the file in Excel, and do the changes before import/export.  Remember never to change the top 2 lines!  It is recommended to make your changes in a text file when saving.  if you save it as a .csv file.  Excel will by default save as a comma-delimited file and that cannot be imported back into LimeSurve.  By saving your changes as a .txt file you can import them back into LimeSurvey.