Restore a shared document library in SharePoint

In this manual, we’ll show you how to restore a shared document library in SharePoint. If many of your SharePoint or Teams files are deleted, overwritten, corrupted, or infected with malware, you can restore a fully shared library to a previous time.


  1. Go to the SharePoint site you want to restore. Click on the globe, my sites in the menu on the left.
  2. In the list you will see your websites. Choose the site that holds the SharePoint document library that you want to restore. (e.g., Arbetsgrupp)
    restore shared document liberary - chose sharepoint site
  3. (In Microsoft Teams, go to the Files tab at the top of the channel, select three dots, and then click Open in SharePoint.)
  4. When you’re on the SharePoint page you selected, click on Documents in the menu on the left.
    restore shared document liberary - choose documents
  5. Select Settings Icon, and then click Restore library. (Note! If Reset this library doesn’t appear under Settings, you either don’t have permission or you’re looking at a classic library).
    restore shared document liberary - settings and restore this liberary
  6. Click on the arrow and choose for how long you want to restora your liberacy to. (You can restore to a maximum of 29 days ago.)
  7. Choose custom date and time to be specific.
    restore shared document liberary - choose time to restore to
  8. Use the scroll-function to specify time.
  9. Use the other scroll-function to show activity within the document library to identify documents that you may want to restore.
    restore shared document liberary - custom time, choose time
  10. When you are done, scroll down an click on restore.