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Manage notifications in OneDrive

In this manual, we’ll show you how to manage your notifications in OneDrive. For example, if you want to turn off notifications if someone is typing in a Word document, etc. Log in with your umuID via O365.umu.se. Next, open OneDrive in the left menu. OneDrive in the web now opens up in your browser. […]

Change dokument liberary view in SharePoint

This manual shows you how to change document library view in SharePoint. In the SharePoint team site, select the Documents tab from the left menu. Click All Documents. Select Compact List to make your document library more compact. It looks like this: Select Tiles to turn the documents into larger icons. It looks like this: […]

Whiteboard Frequently asked questions

Who can use Whiteboard? Whiteboard is currently available to all students and employees. Externals are currently unable to participate in a Whiteboard. Can I collaborate on Whiteboard? Yes, you can! Open the Whiteboard you want to collaborate on. In the right corner, click Share Icon. Then select the Deal link  >  copy and send to […]

Installation guide: Google Drive app (windows)

This guide shows you how to download and install Google drive app on your windows computer. Log in to Google Apps Go to google.se. In the upper right corner, click on Log in. Write your google apps e-mail adress and password. Step 1 Download Go to Download Google Drive and click Download Drive for computer. Download […]

Installation guide: Google Drive app (Mac)

In this guide, we show you how to download, install, and set the correct Google drive app settings on your Mac computer. Step 1. Dowload Go to Dowload Google Drive and select Download Drive for the computer. A Finder window opens. Select the arrow to choose the location of the file, and kick Save. Download […]

Move or copy files in SharePoint

In this manual, we decribe how to move and copy files within and between SharePoint websites.  Open the SharePoint website and select Documents in the left menu. Hover the pointer on the file/folder you want to move or copy to see a hidden menu. Select the three dots. Select Move to if you want to […]

Upload files and folders in SharePoint

In this manual, we decribe how to upload files and folders in SharePoint document library. If you want to create a new document library see: Create a document library in SharePoint Open the SharePoint document library you want to upload files to. Select Upload. Select if you want to upload a file, folder, or template. […]

Create a document library in SharePoint

In this manual, we show how to create a document library in an existing SharePoint groupwebsite. Go to www.o365.umu.se and sign in with your Umu-ID. Select SharePoint in the left menu, if you cannot find it, select All applications and then SharePoint. Select the globe in the left menu to see your websites. Select the […]