Entries by Oscar Lundberg

Review results in Forms

In this manual we show how to review results in Forms. We also show the difference between reviewing results from a form (survey) and questionnaire (test, quiz). Review results from a Form (survey) Enter your Forms portal and select the form you want to view the results from. Select the Responses tab. Select the three […]

Preview and share a form

In this manual we decribe how you preview and share a form or quiz.  Preview a form or quiz We recommend that you preview your form or quiz before you share it. This allows you to try to fill it out, and thereby make sure that it looks and works the way you want. Open […]

Create and manage group forms

You can create, manage, and delete forms in an existing group (team) in the same way as in your personal Forms portal. Go to www.o365.umu.se. Sign in with your Umu-ID. Select Forms in the left menu. If you cannot see it there, select All applications and then Forms.  Scroll down to My groups where you can see all groups (teams) […]

Adjust setting in Forms

In this manual we describe how to adjust the settings in Forms including both for a form or quiz. Open the form where you want to adjust the settings. Select the three dots in the upper right corner and then Settings. A menu will open. Here you can adjust who will be to fill out […]

Create questions for a quiz in Forms

In this manual we will show all types of questions that can be created in a quiz. Use a quiz to test the knowledge of a group. If you want to create a survey to collect data instead, se our manual for that: Create questions for a form in Forms Add a new question Open the form you want […]

Create a form or quiz in Forms

In this manual we decribe how to create a form or quiz in Forms.  Open your browser, go to www.o365.umu.se and sign in with your Umu-id. Select all applications at the bottom of the left menu. Select Forms. Select New quiz to create a quiz. Or select the arrow and then New form to create […]