Install eduroam for Android (Manually)

This manual will guide you how to connect to eduroam after manual installation of the required certificates.

NOTE! Due to the different implementations of Android because of many manufacturers this manual might not work for your phone but hopefully it can give you some idea on how to connect to the eduroam network.
The manual is written with the help of an Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Android 11, Samsung One UI 3.1 and Chrome 92.

Step 1

You need to be connected to the internet. If you have 4G/5G you are all set but if you need a temporary internet connection we recommend you connect to the network UmU wlan.

Step 2

Open Chrome and go to and click Login.
You will be forwarded to the Umeå University login page. Sign in with you UMU-id and password.

Step 3

To create your certificate click on Create certificate. On the page after that you need to give it a comment 1️⃣. Type whatever you want, for example Android, and then click the Create certificate button 2️⃣. A circular progress animation will let you know that your certificate is being created.

Step 4

The next page will look something like the screenshot below. Here you have a password for your personal certificate 1️⃣, a link to download you personal certificate 2️⃣ and a link to download the root certificate 3️⃣.

Step 5 – Download and install personal certificate

Copy the password for the personal certificate 1️⃣ and click on the link Download personal certificate 2️⃣.
The system/browser wants to install the certificate and the first thing you need to do is to extract it, do do this paste the password 4️⃣ you copied and click OK 5️⃣.
The next thing to do is to choose the type of the certificate, click Wi-Fi certificate 6️⃣ and then click OK 7️⃣.
The certificate will be given a long and random name but we recommend you change that to your UMU-id 8️⃣ and click OK 9️⃣.

Step 6 – Download Root certificate

After the download and installation of the personal certificate you will again see the Certificate created page.
You now need to click Download root certificate 3️⃣. You will however most likely see an error saying it can’t bee installed but that is fine, just click the OK button.

Step 7 – Change Root certificate file extension

To be able to install the Root certificate we first need to make sure the file has the correct file extension.
Open the My Files (or equivalent for your phone) and find the Downloads folder where the file is.
In this example we can actually see that the file (UMU-CAROOT-CA2.cer.crt) has the wrong file extension or rather, it as two (.cer.crt). What we need to do is to remove the .crt part of the file.
Hold down on the file 1️⃣ to mark it and so the options menu is showing.
Click on More 2️⃣ and then Rename 3️⃣.
The file name including the file extension can now be edited. Remove the .crt part so the file name is
UMU-CAROOT-CA2.cer 4️⃣ and click Rename 5️⃣. You will be promoted that the file extension has changed, this is fine and just click Change 6️⃣.

Step 8 – Install Root Certificate

You now need to navigate to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi. Here you need to find the Advanced settings.
In this example you need to click the three dots 1️⃣ in the upper right corner and then click Advanced 2️⃣.
For other phones you can find it below the Available networks.
At the Advanced settings for Wi-Fi you need to click on Install network certificate 3️⃣.

Open the Download 4️⃣ folder and find the UMU-CAROOT-CA2.cer 5️⃣, mark it and click Done 6️⃣.
You are now prompted to give it a name. Type umu 7️⃣ and click OK 8️⃣. The certificate should now be installed.

Step 9 – Connect to eduroam

Return to the page where you see the Available networks and click on eduroam 1️⃣.
Here you need to make sure the settings are as shown in the example.

EAP method: TLS
CA certificate: umu
Online certificate status: Don’t validate
User certificate: the one called your UMU-id
Auto reconnect: Yes

And then click Connect 2️⃣ and you should now be connected 3️⃣.

Install eduroam for Android (Umu wifi)

The guide below shows you how to use the Cisco app to connect to eduroam on campus.
Note that you must be on Umeå University’s campus and have access to Umu wifi to be able to complete the guide.

The simplified installation of eduroam cannot be performed in NUS premises. Installation via the manual method can be done well on NUS.

NOTE! If this method does not work, use the manual method instead.

Start by installing the Cisco Network Setup Assistant from the Play Store .

2. When the installation is complete, go to Wi-Fi and connect to Umu wifi .
If you are not asked to log in, start your browser and open and you will be redirected to the right page. Enter your Umu ID  with password and click Login .

3. Check that the correct system has been selected. Click Start to continue.

4. Enter information about your phone and click Continue .
When you see the link to the play store, click  Get Cisco Network Setup Assistant.
Then launch the Cisco Network Setup Assistant app that was installed in step 1.

5. When the app starts, select Start and Proceed .

6. Select Wi-Fi as the option for the certificate, click OK .
Enter the unlock PIN for your phone if prompted.

7. Make the same selection for the second certificate, Wi-Fi and then OK .

8. If you have Android 10 this will come up.

9. When you see this image, you should now be connected to eduroam.
You can check that the connection was successful during Wi-Fi in system settings.

Install eduroam for Windows 10 manually

This guide helps you to manually install the certificates needed to connect to eduroam on Windows 10.

Creating and installing eduroam certificates

1. Logon with your UmU-ID at, click on Create certificate.

2. Add information (as in your name or computer name) about the certificate and click on Create certificate.

3. Copy the password and download the personal and root certificate.

4. Browse to the downloaded files and open UMU-CAROOT-CA2.cer.

5. Choose Local computer and click on Next.

6. Choose Place all.. and click on Browse.., choose Trusted rootcert.. and click OK. The dialogue window closes and then click Next.

7. Click Yes to install the certificate.

8. Open your personal certificate. (with suffix .pfx)

9. Choose Current User and click on Next.

10. Click Next until your asked to enter a password, paste the password from step 3 and click Next.

11. Click Next and then Done.

Configure Windows 10 to connect using the certificate

Search for available networks and choose eduroam, click on Connect using certificate.

Install eduroam on Chromebook manually

How to configure eduroam certificates on Chromebook

  1. 1. Logon to with your Umu-id.
    If you’re not connected to internet, you might have connect through UmU-Wlan first (logon with a browser).
  2. Click on Skapa certifikat.
  3. Copy the password in the box and click on Ladda ner personligt certifikat and Ladda ner root-certifikat.
  4. When downloading the root-certificate (UMU-CAROOT-CA) you don’t have check the boxes.
  5. In Chromes address field, type chrome://settings/certificates, choose the tab Authorities. Click on Import
  6. Go to Downloads, import the file UMU-CAROOT-CA2. You might have to view All files to be able to select it.
  7. Go to Your certificates, choose Import and bind to device your ”Umu-id” certificate, then paste the password you copied in step 3.

Configure your Chromebook to use the certficate

  1. Open Chrome again and go to chrome://settings. Under Network expand Add connection and choose Add Wi-Fi.
  2. Configure Wi-Fi settings
  • SSID eduroam
  • Choose TLS or EAP-TLS as EAP method  (depends on version)
  • Choose none as Phase 2 authentication (if available)
  • Server CA-certifikat UMU-CAROOT-CA
  • Användarcertifikat UMU-CA0003-CA
  • Identity (ex. “”)
  • Check Save identity and password
  • Click on Connect

Install eduroam for iPhone/iPad (Umu wifi)

This guide shows how you use Ciscos software to connect to eduroam on campus.
Note – you must be physically ON Umeå University’s campus and have access to Umu wifi to complete this guide. 

The information in this guide cannot be used in NUS.  If you are in the hospital buildings you must install eduroam manually.

1. Open Settings – Wi-Fi and choose Umu wifi.

2. Start Safari and surf to  You will be automatically redirected to the Get eduroam website.
3. Type in your Umu-id ( and password, then click on Sign On.

4. Click on Start to advance to the next step.

5. On the top line write in your name and on the second line write in iPhone.

6. Click on the picture at the bottom, Launch Apple Profile and Certificate Installer Now.

7. You will now install DigiCert Assured ID Root CA. Click on Install.

8. When it is done click on Done.


9. Next you will install Profil Service. Install.


10. When that certificate is installed click on Done.

11. Once that is done you will hopefully see the page that says Success.

12.Open Settings -> Wi-Fi13. On Umu wifi click on the (i) at the far right

15. Click on Forget this network.
16. Go back and click on eduroam. You should now be connected.

Install eduroam for MacOS (Umu wifi)

This guide will show you how to use Ciscos program to connect to eduroam on campus.
Note you must be on the Umeå University’s campus and have a connection to Umu wifi to be able to complete this guide. The quide will not work at NUS.

1. In the wifi menu choose  Umu wifi.

2. Start a web browser (Safari or Firefox) and open, for example, You will then be redirected to the correct page. Write in your Umu-ID ( and password, klick on Sign On.

3. Click on Start

4. Write in your information about your computer and click on Continue.

5. Ciscos installation program will download. called  SPW.tar, to the folder Downloads.

6. Dubbel click on the  SRW.tar file and it will extract to create a file called ”cisco_network_setup_assistant.dmg”.

7. Dubbel click on the Cisco Network Setup Assistant to start the  installations programme.

8. Click Start. During installation, you must approve changes.

9. When all certificates are installed, click Exit.

10. Wi-Fi has now automatically switched to eduroam.

11. Access Settings – Network – Wi-Fi – Advanced.
Remove Umu wlan and Umu wifi if they are there otherwise your computer can be connected to them before eduroam is connected.

Access to wireless guest network at Umeå University

This guide is intended for guest who have received a guest account for the wireless network at Umeå University.

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is running on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  2. Select the network (SSID) UmU wlan.
  3. Start a web browser and you will get to a login page. If the login page does not come up, write
  4. Logga in (Log in). If you are employed or student use your Umu-id


  • If you your computer goes into sleep mode then you will be logged out.
  • Turn off proxy setting if it is on.

Install eduroam for Windows 10 (Umu wifi)

This guide will show you how to use Ciscos program to connect to eduroam on campus.
Note you must be on Umeå University’s campus and have connection to Umu wifi to be able to complete this guide.

1. Open wireless connection and connect to Umu wifi.

2. Write in your Umu-ID ( and password, klick on Sign On.
If you do not receive the question to ‘log in’, start your broser and open, for example, You will then be redirected to the correct page.

3. Click on Start.

4. Write in your information about your telephone and click on Continue.

5. Ciscos installation program will download. Choose to run it via clicking on Run.

Answer Yes if any questions are asked.

6. Click on Start.

7. Click on Yes.

8. When you see the below picture your computer should be connected to eduroam.
If your computer does not automatically connect, go back to wireless networks and choose ‘connect to eduroam’.

The wireless network at Umeå University


Install eduroam on-site on campus

When on campus, you can use the Umu wifi network to install eduroam for Windows, Mac, Iphone, Chromebook, or Android. Umu wifi is a wireless network which only can be used you to install eduroam. The network is only available on campus.

Install eduroam using Umu wifi

Install eduroam manually

If you do not have access to Umu wifi, use another operating system that mentioned above or have problems with the operating systems mentioned above, you can install eduroam manually.

Install eduroam manually

Guest account wifi