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Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis

Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis (PDF)

Preparations for an online defence of doctoral thesis

Chairperson and host

Make sure that a person can participate to chair and host the meeting in the online service chosen.

Technician on site

The Campus Services Office will always supply a technician onsite who will help you with the technology during the start of the meeting.

It is beneficial if you have checked out the room and the technology a couple of days before the meeting to make sure that all equipment is present and working properly.

Decide what online service is to be used

In Triple Helix, you have three online services available that are suitable for online defences of doctoral theses: Zoom, Teams and Starleaf. Browse through the list of functionalities to decide which service best suits you.

Functionalities in Zoom, Teams and Starleaf

Zoom Teams Starleaf
Hold an audio and video meeting x x x
Chat x x
Show a presentation/share a screen x x x
Share documents during a meeting x x
Manage participants during an ongoing meeting x x x
Allow active participation x x
Record meeting x x
Control who accesses the meeting x x
Maximum number of participants 300 250 100
Maximum number of streamed videos 49 9 25
Dial-in allowed x x x

Book your defence of the doctoral thesis in two services

We recommend that you book the defence of your doctoral thesis through two of these services to make sure the meeting can be carried out even if one of the services for some reason malfunctions.

Book a meeting in Zoom, Manual

Book a meeting in Teams, Microsoft

Instruction video: Book a meeting in Teams

A StarLeaf meeting is booked when making the room booking through Infocenter.

Provide information about the defence of the doctoral thesis and share links

Wherever you publish information about your public defence of the doctoral thesis, you must also include the links to the meeting. This because defences of theses are public events that must be open to the public, even if they take place online.

You must state which online service, and hence link, is the primary service and which one is the backup to be used only if the first one fails.

Give your audience a few advices in your invitation

Everyone is not used to participating in online meetings. Therefore, it can be helpful to pass on some tips when you publish your invitation to the online defence of your doctoral thesis.

  1. Ask your participants to download the software necessary for participation in the meeting.
  2. Ask your participants to join the meeting through the assigned services no later than 10–15 minutes prior to the start of the defence so that everyone has time to check their internet connection and technology before the event starts.
  3. Ask all participants to turn off their microphones and video streams when they join. Video and sound can be turned on later in the event of questions or other interactions.

Preparations for the online defence of the doctoral thesis

Schedule an hour before the meeting to make sure that everything is working as intended in the virtual room you are in. Use a local area network, i.e. a network cable, instead of Wi-Fi.

Start the online defence of the doctoral thesis about 15 minutes before the set time so that the audience can join the Waiting Room and test their technology.

During the online defence of the doctoral thesis

It is beneficial if the meeting has one designated person to keep track of the participants during the meeting – a host. It has occurred that members of the audience have participated only to disrupt the meeting. There are measures to avoid this in the various services.

Waiting room

Zoom offers a waiting room and Teams offers a lobby where the audience can be placed while waiting for the public defence of the doctoral thesis to start. This is a recommended method in order to make sure technology will cope but also to keep track of who is allowed to join. As a host, you can manually allow participants to join the meeting one by one or let everyone in at once. You can also post a personal note to all participants in the waiting room containing for instance a description of the agenda for the defence of the thesis or guidelines for audience participation.

Set up a Zoom meeting

When booking your Zoom meeting, you get to chose whether to require a meeting password or not. You are not recommended to use a password, instead please use a waiting room. These settings are found under Advanced options. You can choose “Enable join before host”, which could be beneficial for people to test their technology in good time. If you have enabled a waiting room, participants will only get so far before they are admitted to the meeting.

You can also choose to mute participants upon entry. This is particularly beneficial for participants who may join late so they do not disturb the ongoing meeting.

Advanced options in Zoom

When someone has joined your waiting room and want to join, a pop-up box will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can choose to view the waiting room or let the participant join. To view the waiting room can be necessary if several people wish to join simultaneously. You can reach the waiting room via the icon labelled Participants.

Participants Zoom

Set up a Teams meeting

Go to your Outlook booking, double-click the calendar event to see details of the meeting. Below the link to join the meeting you will find a link labelled “Meeting options” (Mötesalternativ). Click the link.

You will be shown a view with further settings:

  • “Who can bypass the lobby?” (Vilka kan gå förbi lobbyn?) There are three options: Everyone; everyone in your organisation and federated organisations; or everyone in your organisation. “In my organisation” refers to Umeå University as a whole.
  • Allowing dial-in users to bypass the lobby should always be set to “No”.
  • Notify the host when a dial-in user leaves the meeting – tick “Yes” if you want to hear a signal each time a participant leaves or joins the meeting.

Who can share their screen? Here are four options: Everyone; everyone in my organisation; some individuals or only me. A recommendation is to allow at least a chairperson or host to share their screen beside you. Choose by inviting people into the meeting and choose their names in the list.

Options meeting Teams

When someone outside of the organisation wants to join the meeting, a pop-up box will appear at the bottom of the screen through which you can choose to show the lobby or admit a participant to join the meeting. To view the lobby can be necessary if several people wish to join simultaneously. You reach the lobby by viewing the list of participants.


Manage participants

In all three online services, Zoom, Teams and Starleaf, the host can manage participants. This means that the host can turn both microphones and videos off for participants who have not done so (if this disrupts the meeting). The host can also remove a participant if necessary. This option is found under Security in Zoom.

Depending on what setup you have for the online defence of the thesis, the host may need to keep an eye on the chat in case the audience wants to ask questions. Zoom also offers an option to raise your hand, or to ask the presenter to slow down if speaking too fast.

Support and education

The Centre for Educational Development and ITS offer webinars as introductions to Zoom and Teams if you want to learn more about the service prior to the online defence of your doctoral thesis. The dates of these webinars can be found in the calendar of events on Aurora.

Any questions?

Please contact Servicedesk or Infocenter so we can help you with the online solutions.Formulärets nederkant

Connect with a video conferencing system to Zoom

If you have Zoom installed on your computer and you are logged in with Umeå University login information.

Step 1.

Start a Zoom meeting with the Zoom program by clicking on ” New Meeting”

Steg 2.

Invite meeting attendees to the meeting by clicking on ”Invite”

Steg 3.

Click on the tab called ”Invite a room system”

Steg 4.

On your video conferencing equipment, enter the numbers that are left behind Dial: In this example:

Type in the Meeting ID that shows in your window.  In this example 484 1697760

Your particular video conferencing system may look different so that step is not described in this manual.

Invite participants who do not have a video conference

In addition to the video conference you have invited, it is also possible to invite participants to the meeting who may need to join their computer and Zoom.

To do this, click on Copy URL (marked in red on the left)

Then open an email program and email the link you just copied.

Schedule a Zoom meeting

This guide will walk you through how to schedule a meeting (to be scheduled later).

There are two way to schedule a meeting. Either by going through the Zoom client installed on your computer or by logging in through your web browser. This guide describes the latter option.

Surf to   http://zoom.umu.se/

Click on Log in and login in with your Umu Id

Zooms web portal is now opened.

Go to 1. Meetings and then from the left menu click on 2. Schedule a New Meeting

Here are some of the settings that can be changed/made for a scheduled meeting.

Topic: Type in the name or subject of the meeting

Description: Type in a short description of your meeting

When: Choose a date and starting time for your meeting

Duration: Choose how long your meeting is going to be

Registration: By enabling registration for a meeting, all participants must register via email. Click on the link below to read more about settings for this.


Video: Set whether the participants’ video should start automatically when the meeting opens

Audio: Choose which devices can link up to the meeting

Meeting options:

  • Require meeting password
    There is a possibility to require a password to come into your meeting
  • Enable join before host
    This setting allows participants to enter the meeting before the host
  • Mute participants upon entry
    Check this setting if the participants’ microphone should be turned off when they open the meeting
  • Use Personal Meeting ID
    With this setting, the personal Zoom room is selected as the address of the meeting.. Read more about Personal Meeting ID here https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/203276937-Using-Personal-Meeting-ID-PMI-
  • Record the meeting automatically on the local computer
    Select this setting if the meeting is to be recorded automatically and saved to your computer

Alternative Hosts: Enter email addresses here if the meeting should have multiple hosts

Save and close the meeting by clicking on Save.

The next step shows a summary of the settings made for the meeting.

Here you can save the calendar event to your calendar (1).

Direct link to the meeting (2). Right click and choose Copy Link Address to send it on.

Link to copy an invitation to the meeting ”Copy the invitation” (3).

Personal Zoom meeting room

Every user has a personal meeting room in Zoom.  Your personal meeting room-ID and with your personal link there are two different ways you can invite members into your personal meeting room.

You can start a meeting with your meetingroom, and when you need/want to schedule it for future use.  You can always use the same address when you invite people into your meeting room.  This is just one example of a practical way you can a recurring  tutorials with your students and always use the same link.

Your personal link

  1. Surf to https://umu.zoom.us click on Log in and login with your umu-id
  2. Click on  Profile in the left menu
  3. Find the row for Personal Link and click on Customize.  Type in how you wish the ending of your Zoom link to look like. Ex. https://umu.zoom.us/my/JohnDoe
  4. Click on Save changes

Personal meeting-ID

All meetings in Zoom always have an ID number.  So does your personal meetingroom.  You will find the ID number in the same place as where you setup your personal link.  i.e. at umu.zoom.us  (click on Profile)

Here you can click Edit and check what you want your personal ID to be, manage it when you start a spontaneous meeting. It will always be your personal meeting room that starts when you click the New Meeting button in the Zoom desktop app.

When you use the Copy the invitation in Zoom that ID number will be copied.   Your personal link will also go to the same meeting.

Share meeting appointments with your students or attendees

Now you can schedule appointments and copy your personal link eg. https://umu.zoom.us/my/JohnDoe and insert it into the learning platform or email it to your meeting participants. The same link can be used as many times as possible.

Starting a meeting in your personal meeting room

You can start your meeting via the sam elink you have given to your meeting attendees.

If you use the Zoom desktop desktop app on your computer, click the small downward arrow at the New Meeting button and make sure you have a checkmark in front of Use My Personal Meeting ID (PMI). Then just click on the button to start.

Tips! If the desktop app asks for a login, select SSO login on the right and then type umu in the Company domain box.


Settings for your personal meeting room

You can change the settings for all future meetings in your personal meeting room. Ex. if you want a password to enter the meeting room or that all participants who join the meeting room automatically have a silenced microphone.

  1. Surf to https://umu.zoom.us and click on Log in and login with your umu-id
  2. Click on Meetings in the left menu
  3. Click on Personal meeting room
  4. Click on Edit this meeting
  5. Set desirable settings for upcoming meetings in your meeting room
  6. Click on Save

Tips! Allow the Enable join before host setting to remain disabled so that participants will not have access to your meeting room when you are not there.

Starta a meeting in Zoom and invite members via a link

This guide describes how to starta meeting in Zoom, as well as inviting people to join it via a link.

Logging in

Surf to http://zoom.umu.se/

Click on Host – Start a meeting

Log in with your UmuId

Scenario 1 – Zooms client program is not installed on your computer

If Zoom is not installed on your computer, your web browser will automatically start downloading the program Zoom Launcher.

Installing Zoom

Click on the link and follow the instructions how to install Zoom on your computer.

Install Zoom on Windows

Install Zoom on Mac OS

Scenario 2 – Zooms client program is installed on your computer

If Zoom is already installed on your computer, the web browser will ask you if you “allow” Zoom to open.

Click on Open Link or Allow







Zoom opens.










Click on Join Audio Conference by Computer/Join with Computer Audio to use the web camera and/or sound from your computer

Now click on  Invite to open the dialog window with all choices that come with your meeting room

There are different ways you can send a meeting invitation.

Click on Copy URL to copy the link and later send it via email, a teaching platform, Internal message, or some other way.

Click on Default Email for a normal email message with information on how a compatible computer can enter your Zoom room.

Zoom – Schedule a meeting and publish the link in Moodle or Cambro

This guide shows how to schedule a meeting in the Zoom app and how to publish the link in Moodle or Cambro.

Start the Zoom app on your computer

Click on the icon Schedule

Type the title for the meeting, start time, and duration
Decide if the attendees webcam should start automatically when they connect to the meeting
Set the audio options for your meeting.

  1. Allow only connection by telephone
  2. Allow only connection by VoIP (computer, smartphone, tablet)
  3. Or allow both types of connection

Click on Advance Options to access more settings (4)

  1. Decide if you want participants to use a password to access the meeting
  2. Decide if you want participants to be able to start the meeting before the host has joined
  3. Decide if you want participants microphone to be muted on entry
  4. Decide if you want to use your personal meeting ID (not recommended)
  5. Decide if you want to record the meeting automatically
  6. Type e-mail adresses to alternative hosts

Choose in what calendar format you want to save your meeting. Click on iCal to save the event in your default calendar program on your computer.

Click on Schedule to save your meeting

Next your calendar app on your computer will start and all the information from the previous step is saved.

Publish the link to the meeting to your students

Go to your calendar program on your computer and open the meeting event for your Zoom meeting


Copy the link to the meeting

Then log in to Cambro or Moodle and navigate to your course site

Publish the copied link in any of the tools together with the time for the Zoom meeting

Below two examples are listed on suitable tools to use

Calendar in Cambro

Reservation in Moodle

Download and install Zoom on Android

This guide shows how to install Zoom on Android.

Open Google Play to download and install Zoom.
Search for Zoom Cloud Meetings and click on Download and install

Open the Zoom app and click on Sign In

Choose to log in with SSO

Type umu as domain and click Continue

Choose Umeå University

Log in with your Umu Id

You have now completed the installation of Zoom on Android.