Review results in Forms

In this manual we show how to review results in Forms. We also show the difference between reviewing results from a form (survey) and questionnaire (test, quiz).

Review results from a Form (survey)

  1. Enter your Forms portal and select the form you want to view the results from.
  2. Select the Responses tab.
    review results in form - responses tab
  3. Select the three dots to delete all responses, print a summary, or create a summary link.
  4. Select Open in Excel to see the results in Excel. The questions will become columns and the responses will become rows.
    • Note that if you change anything in Excel, it will not change in Forms.
  5. Select View results to see each respondents’ answers.
    review results in forms - responses tab decriptions
  6. Select the arrows to view another respondent’s answers.
  7. Select the three dots and then Delete response to delete the respondents answers or Print response to print them out.
  8. Select Back to return to the responses tab.
    reveiw results from a form - reveiw tab decription
  9. There you can see all questions and a summary of the answers. Select More details below each question to see a list of all the answers to that specific question.
    review results from a form - more details
  10. The list shows the respondents ID, name and response. review results from a form - more details - specific question

Review results from a qestionnaire (test, quiz)

Here we will show the differences between reviewing a questionnaire and a form (survey).

  1. Click three dots to delete all answers, print a summary or create a summary link.
  2. Click Excel Icon to open results in Excel
    • In Excel, each question will become a column and each answer will be a row.
    • The columns show start / end times, names, questions and answers.
    • NOTE! If you change something in Excel, it is not reflected in Forms.
  3. Click Review Answers to review each person’s answers individually. (go to heading review answers)
  4. Click Post scores to select which results you want to publish. (go to the heading post scores).
    review results from a questionnare (test, quiz)
  5. Scroll down in the answer file to see all the questions and answers, in a graphical layout.
  6. Click on the link more details on each question, to see each person’s answers.
    review results in a questionnare - answer file
  7. A list of all participants’ answers to the selected question appears.
    review results from a questionnare - more details

Review results

  1. Click on questions to change the review mode from questions instead of person.
  2. Click on the arrows to change the person/question you want to check results on.
  3. Click on the chat bubble with question marks to give feedback (maximum 1000 characters) on the selected person/question.
  4. Click on the three dots and delete or print answers or publish results on the selected person / question answer.
  5. Click Back to return to the answer file.
    review results in a questionnare - induividual review

Post scores

You can only publish results if you have created a questionnaire (test, quiz).

  1. Select which person’s answer you want to publish by clicking in the checkbox.
  2. Click on preview to review the response you will send to that specific person.
  3. Click Publish scores to send the results to the person. Note: If you publish scores, respondents can view test feedback and results. The respondents can display the result with the same link that they use to start the test.
  4. Click Back to return to the answer file.
    Review results questionnare - grading