Connect with a video conferencing system to Zoom

If you have Zoom installed on your computer and you are logged in with Umeå University login information.

Step 1.

Start a Zoom meeting with the Zoom program by clicking on ” New Meeting”

Steg 2.

Invite meeting attendees to the meeting by clicking on ”Invite”

Steg 3.

Click on the tab called ”Invite a room system”

Steg 4.

On your video conferencing equipment, enter the numbers that are left behind Dial: In this example:

Type in the Meeting ID that shows in your window.  In this example 484 1697760

Your particular video conferencing system may look different so that step is not described in this manual.

Invite participants who do not have a video conference

In addition to the video conference you have invited, it is also possible to invite participants to the meeting who may need to join their computer and Zoom.

To do this, click on Copy URL (marked in red on the left)

Then open an email program and email the link you just copied.

Schedule a Zoom meeting

This guide will walk you through how to schedule a meeting (to be scheduled later).

There are two way to schedule a meeting. Either by going through the Zoom client installed on your computer or by logging in through your web browser. This guide describes the latter option.

Surf to

Click on Log in and login in with your Umu Id

Zooms web portal is now opened.

Go to 1. Meetings and then from the left menu click on 2. Schedule a New Meeting

Here are some of the settings that can be changed/made for a scheduled meeting.

Topic: Type in the name or subject of the meeting

Description: Type in a short description of your meeting

When: Choose a date and starting time for your meeting

Duration: Choose how long your meeting is going to be

Registration: By enabling registration for a meeting, all participants must register via email. Click on the link below to read more about settings for this.

Video: Set whether the participants’ video should start automatically when the meeting opens

Audio: Choose which devices can link up to the meeting

Meeting options:

  • Require meeting password
    There is a possibility to require a password to come into your meeting
  • Enable join before host
    This setting allows participants to enter the meeting before the host
  • Mute participants upon entry
    Check this setting if the participants’ microphone should be turned off when they open the meeting
  • Use Personal Meeting ID
    With this setting, the personal Zoom room is selected as the address of the meeting.. Read more about Personal Meeting ID here
  • Record the meeting automatically on the local computer
    Select this setting if the meeting is to be recorded automatically and saved to your computer

Alternative Hosts: Enter email addresses here if the meeting should have multiple hosts

Save and close the meeting by clicking on Save.

The next step shows a summary of the settings made for the meeting.

Here you can save the calendar event to your calendar (1).

Direct link to the meeting (2). Right click and choose Copy Link Address to send it on.

Link to copy an invitation to the meeting ”Copy the invitation” (3).

Personal Zoom meeting room

Every user has a personal meeting room in Zoom.  Your personal meeting room-ID and with your personal link there are two different ways you can invite members into your personal meeting room.

You can start a meeting with your meetingroom, and when you need/want to schedule it for future use.  You can always use the same address when you invite people into your meeting room.  This is just one example of a practical way you can a recurring  tutorials with your students and always use the same link.

Your personal link

  1. Surf to click on Log in and login with your umu-id
  2. Click on  Profile in the left menu
  3. Find the row for Personal Link and click on Customize.  Type in how you wish the ending of your Zoom link to look like. Ex.
  4. Click on Save changes

Personal meeting-ID

All meetings in Zoom always have an ID number.  So does your personal meetingroom.  You will find the ID number in the same place as where you setup your personal link.  i.e. at  (click on Profile)

Here you can click Edit and check what you want your personal ID to be, manage it when you start a spontaneous meeting. It will always be your personal meeting room that starts when you click the New Meeting button in the Zoom desktop app.

When you use the Copy the invitation in Zoom that ID number will be copied.   Your personal link will also go to the same meeting.

Share meeting appointments with your students or attendees

Now you can schedule appointments and copy your personal link eg. and insert it into the learning platform or email it to your meeting participants. The same link can be used as many times as possible.

Starting a meeting in your personal meeting room

You can start your meeting via the sam elink you have given to your meeting attendees.

If you use the Zoom desktop desktop app on your computer, click the small downward arrow at the New Meeting button and make sure you have a checkmark in front of Use My Personal Meeting ID (PMI). Then just click on the button to start.

Tips! If the desktop app asks for a login, select SSO login on the right and then type umu in the Company domain box.


Settings for your personal meeting room

You can change the settings for all future meetings in your personal meeting room. Ex. if you want a password to enter the meeting room or that all participants who join the meeting room automatically have a silenced microphone.

  1. Surf to and click on Log in and login with your umu-id
  2. Click on Meetings in the left menu
  3. Click on Personal meeting room
  4. Click on Edit this meeting
  5. Set desirable settings for upcoming meetings in your meeting room
  6. Click on Save

Tips! Allow the Enable join before host setting to remain disabled so that participants will not have access to your meeting room when you are not there.

Starta a meeting in Zoom and invite members via a link

This guide describes how to starta meeting in Zoom, as well as inviting people to join it via a link.

Logging in

Surf to

Click on Host – Start a meeting

Log in with your UmuId

Scenario 1 – Zooms client program is not installed on your computer

If Zoom is not installed on your computer, your web browser will automatically start downloading the program Zoom Launcher.

Installing Zoom

Click on the link and follow the instructions how to install Zoom on your computer.

Install Zoom on Windows

Install Zoom on Mac OS

Scenario 2 – Zooms client program is installed on your computer

If Zoom is already installed on your computer, the web browser will ask you if you “allow” Zoom to open.

Click on Open Link or Allow







Zoom opens.










Click on Join Audio Conference by Computer/Join with Computer Audio to use the web camera and/or sound from your computer

Now click on  Invite to open the dialog window with all choices that come with your meeting room

There are different ways you can send a meeting invitation.

Click on Copy URL to copy the link and later send it via email, a teaching platform, Internal message, or some other way.

Click on Default Email for a normal email message with information on how a compatible computer can enter your Zoom room.

Inviting members to a team or channel in Teams

Note!  It is possible to invite both internatl and external members at the same time.

Inviting an internal member

  1. Find the team that members will be invited to.
  2. Choose the 3 dots to the right of the Team name and then choose  Add member.
  3. Search for and choose the persons name from the list and then click on Add.  If you wish to add more than one member at the same time, just keep typing in the names.
  4. When you have chosen your members you must give them rights and permissions.  Click on them individually and choose : Owner or Member.

Remember that all students are also in our system. To be sure that you invite the right person, use the Umu-id or email address.

Inviting external members

There are two ways in which to invite external members.  Alternative 1 is preferable.

Alternative 1:

  1. Choose the 3 dots to the right of the Team name and then choose  Add member.
  2. Choose ”Add member” .  Write in the persons email address in the window and then choose  Add.  The person will automatically be added as a ”Guest”. There is NO other option. 

Alternative 2:

  1. Choose the 3 dots to the right of the Team name.
  2. Choose ”Get link to team” > Send to the external person. 


Read more on the different types of permissions in Teams

Creating a channel in Teams

  1. Go in to the team you wish to create a channel in.
  2. Choose the 3 dots to the right of the name  Add channel
    Note that your Teams can look different, especially in colour and layout
  3. Choose a name and description for your channel. You can also choose if the channel should be available to all team members or only a few.
  4. Click on “Add”. you have now successfully added a channel to your team.

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Office 365 for staff FAQ

How do I login to Office 365?

Surf to and login with your UmU-id and password. 

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsofts name for their “cloud” services.  It is a collection of programs that exists “in the cloud” and is not installed on your computer.  It is located on a server on the internet only.

Instead of installing Word, Excel etc. on your computer, it is installed on a server on the internet.  You can use them via your web browser from anywhere as long as you login.  For programs installed on your computer, Microsoft uses the termination called “desktop app”.  All Office 365 services and programs have the same name and functionality as their corresponding desktop applications, but the desktop apps may have more features.

Funktions in  Office 365

Can I come in to Office 365 via my telephone and tablet?

Yes, you can login to Office 365 via your web browser in your mobile phone or tablet.  You can also download that apps via PlayStore or AppStore directly to your phone or tablet.

Mobile phone apps for Office 365

Where do I save my documents?

You can save your documents in OneDrive.  You can upload them and save them into folders.  As a staff member you have 1 TB of personal space.

Save files in OneDrive

Is there anything I cannot save in Office 365?

You are not allowed to save any files that contain senstive personal or confidential information in OneDrive.  This includes, for example, health information, addresses, tenders and procurements, information on a persons ethnic origin, political opinion or sexual orientation.

Can I save research data in Office 365?

No, you may not save sensitive or confidential information.  If your research material is of high security it should not be stored in Office 365.

Umeå University offers a service for storing files that require high security.

If in doubt, start by doing an information classification on your material before deciding where to store it.

Trygg filyta (secure storage space)

If you have questions regarding information security and data contact ITS. IT-security via Servicedesk.

Can I use Teams with people outside the University?

You can share teams with external persons.  They will be invited in a Guests in Teams.  Anyone who has an email account (example, Outlook, Gmail or similar, can be invited as a guest in Teams.

Adding a guest in Teams, Office 365

Can I access my Teams files via a computer instead of via a browser?

Yes, you can choose to synchronize your teams files to your OneDrive.  That way you can access and work with your teams files directly from explorer, whether or not you have internet. When your computer has an internet connection, files will automatically synchronize up to the cloud without your having to do anything.

Här finns hjälp med hur du bland annat kan synkronisera dina filer.  

Help for OneDrive, Office 365

Should I choose Teams or Sharepoint?

Depends on what you want to use them for.  If your focus is on discussion, communication and collaboration with documents, then Teams is a better alternative.

If you want more complex solutions with different permissions on your documents and files, different types of lists and workflows, then Sharepoint is a better alternative for you.

Is it a teaching platform?

No. Teams, Sharepoint and other parts of  Office 365 are not teaching platforms 

Tips for a good working “Team”

Create a good base structure

  • What is the main reason for the team? 
  • What does the group need? 
  • Which channels will you have?  ….to start with and why?

Choosing the correct rights and permissions

  • Decide which rights and permissions each member will have with regards to channels, messages and tabs.
  • Always create at least two (2) “owners” of a team.

 Create a new channel if you need to, but understand why you are creating a channel and do you really need it?

  • Discuss the proposal with members of your team.
  • Create a clear and meaningful name.
  • Describe the channel and what it shall be used for. 

Communicate clearly within the team

  • Use titles that have a clear meaning to make it easier to understand what they are about 
  • Use the @ to to notify a specific person.  Otherwise the whole team will get the notification of your post. 
  • To answer a post click on “Answer” so that you do not start a whole new conversation.  This way all the threads hang together as well.

    Click on the A at the bottom of the screen if you wish to change formatting of your post.

Moving Common Files

  • Create a folder for respective files 
  • Upload shared files to the team and remove them from your existing folders so you don’t have multiple documents in multiple places
  • Decide together that from a certain date ALL files will be put into Teams and nowhere else (to prevent multiple copies of documents)
  • If you work a lot with specific files, synchronize your teams files in explorer. That way you can directly access them from your computer.

Create a “team” in Teams

  1. Open Teams.  You will find Teams as an app in your computer, or via att log in to Office 365 in your web browser.   Log in with your Umu-id. 
    Log in to Office 365
  2.  In the menu choose  ”Teams
  3. From the menu on the left hand side choose “Teams”
  4. To Join a team or create a team click on  Join or create team (Top right hand corner)
    Note that your teams can look a little different in colour and theme

  5. There are four different types of themes.  If the goal is to create a workplace for a workgroup or project you can choose “Other”.
    More information on the types of Teams

  6. Once you have chosen your team type it is time to give your team a Name and a Description (you can change either or both afterwards).  You can also choose if your new Team will be a Private team or a Public team.   This team will be the center for your collaboration.  In every team you can later create different channels for more detailed work.

    Creating a channel in Teams (swedish)

  7. The last step in creating your team is to invite members.  In the box you can write in the name of the person or people from within your organisation (one at a time).  Once you have your list click on “Add”.   You can then decide the rights and permissions for each member.  owner or Private.

    More on rights and permissions   If you choose to invite external members to your team you must type in their email address.  They will then receive an invitation with which they can join as a guest.

  8. Your team is now ready for you to work in.

Download Matlab

  1. To download Matlab, login to your account at the MathWorks webpage
  2. Go to ‘My Account’
  3.  Go to ‘Download Products’
  4.  Choose the main option (Newest version)
  5. Select your platform
  6. Save the installer (for example matlab_R2015a_win64.exe)
  7. Run installer, Follow installation instructions
  8. When prompted to login, login with your MathWorks account