Make a branch in Forms

When you create your forms and tests, you can choose to branch questions. This means that the current questions belongs or depends on another questions in the quiz.

  1. Open the form where you want to make a branch.
  2. Choose the questions that you want to branch, click on the three little dots and then Add Branching.
  3. Click on the arrow. In de accordion menu that pops up, choose which question you want to branch the question with.
  4. When you’ve chosen, click on Back to keep editing other question or to finish.

Find, create, and delete team sites in SharePoint

This manual describes how to find, create and delete team sites in SharePoint. Note, if you have a Team in Microsoft Teams, you and your team members already have a team site in SharePoint. Team Site=Team

Find SharePoint teams sites

  1. Open your browser and go to the address
  2. Find your way to the panel on the left with all applications. Click at the bottom More applications.
  3. Choose SharePoint
  4. In the menu on the left, click the globe (My Sites). In the list, you’ll see your Team sites.
    Find, create, and delete team sites in SharePoint - choose team site

Create Team site in SharePoint

  1. In the left upper-corner click on the house icon, and than click + Create Site.
    Create Team site in SharePoint - click create site
  2. There are two different types of websites you can create. If the purpose is to create a collaboration area for, for example, a workgroup or project, select Team Site.
    Create Team site in SharePoint - choose team site type
  3. Next, enter the name and description for the team site. Here you also choose whether the site should be private or public and at the bottom which language should be the primary.
  4. Please note that in a private group, you invite the people who will be involved in working on the site. In a public group, everyone at Umeå University can visit the document website. This means that all affiliates, employees and students can connect to public websites without invitation.
    Create Team site in SharePoint - write in name and decription of team site
  5. Invite members and add any additional owners to your team site. You also have the option to do this later.

  6. Your Team site is created.

Delete team site

  1. Go to the site you want to delete. Click the gear wheel in the right corner and select Site information.
    Delete team site - choose site information
  2. A dialog box on the right appears. Select Delete Site.
    Delete team site - choose delete site
  3. A security box appears warning that you are about to delete a SharePoint page. Check the box under “Yes, delete this group and all associated resources” and than click Delete. 
    Delete team site - confirmation box
  4. The SharePoint team site has now been deleted.