Computer Labs

There are a few computers around the university that are open for all students to use.  These belong to the University Librarys computer labs.

There is also a computer lab in the Medical Library (building 6M NUS)

All other computer labs are the responsibility of individual departments.  Students of those respective departments have access to these labs.  To have access to these labs requires that your UmU-card has the correct permissions.  UmU-cards can be updated for permissions by the appropriate House Services department.  The only exception is for the MIT-building which is administered by Study Administrators.

Booking group rooms at Universum

Universum has a few group rooms available that you as a student can book.

Group rooms are booked via the University library’s homepage.
To be able to see the booking page surf to
To be able to book a group room you need a student email to confirm your booking.  If you need an email, contact Servicedesk.

Access after hours
Everyone that has a UmU-card at the university should automatically have access to group rooms at Universum after working hours.  if this does not work for you, please contact House Services Department in order to gain access.

For questions about group rooms, please contact the Library personal.

How do I get access to Microsofts developers tools?

Umeå universitet gives active students access to MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (has replaced MS Imagine), containing the most common development tools from Microsoft. The use is for scientific/technical studies or evaluation for this purpose. You will e.g. not get access to MS Office.

The Windows versions accessible through MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching are there to facilitate access to use the development applications. Please note that MS Windows at MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is not allowed to be installed on a computer where there is no license for a full version of Windows.

See more information from Microsoft about MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching:

Here you can reach MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching:

As a doctoral student, teacher and researcher at Umeå University, you can also access MS Azure Dev Tools for Teaching if the software is only used in research and learning (non-commercial or productive purpose).

Email for Students FAQ

Q: Where do I login to my email account?
You can access your email account in the student portal on the email tab.  or direct via

Q: Why can’t I login to the Student Portal?
A: If you can’t login to the portal, it normally means there is a problem with your UmU-id.  Send in an error report via Servicedesk

Q: Can you change primary email address?
If you want to use a different e-mail address than the one you receive as a student then you can change it yourself.

Q: How do I change it so my mail comes to my private email address instead of my student email address?
A:  Instructions to forwarding mail to a private email address can be found here:

Q: How do I choose a new language for my email?
A: The first time you login to the email you will have to choose a language and time zone.  Afterwards you must go in to the options and manually change languages.

Q: How much space for email attachments do I have?
A: You can attach files of up to 10 GB in email.

Q: How do I get more help if I need it?
A: You can always talk to the people at Servicedesk in the IT department for help, otherwise there are help manuals regarding email at

Logging in at

You can log in to via Swedish Universities with help of your Umu-id.

To login at do the following:
1. Go in to the website and click on the Log in tab in the upper right.

2. Go to Log in with university account and select Umeå University from the drop down list and then click on To Student Portal.

3. You will be redirected to a login page where you are required to login with help of your Umu-id along with accompanying password.


If you don’t remember the password to your student mail

UmU-card FAQ

UmU-card from mobile/tablet 

This service is so far unavailable from mobile phones and tablets.
We Recommend that you use a computer instead.

UmU-card – Where is my pin code/how do I get a pin code?

The Pin code is something you choose yourself when you upload a photo.  The pin code is 4 digits.
Contact Infocenter in Universum if you need a new pincode.

UmU-card doesn’t work on the entrance doors

Entrance to buildings/labs is granted by visiting ‘house service/janitors’ office in the respective building you study in.  They can help you gain access, if you don’t know who to contact talk to Infocenter in Universum.

I have lost my UmU-card/ lost the mail for my UmU-card/deleted the mail thinking it was spam

Please contact Infocenter in Universum and they will be more than happy to help you receive a new email.

I have not received a mail for my UmU-card as staff

Mails are sent out automatically but can take time.  Contact Infocenter in Universum if you have not received an email.

I have not received a mail for my UmU-card as student

If you are a new student:
You must activate your Umu-id first.
Mails are sent to your registred primary email-adress.
Depending on the time of year it can take a little longer.

I cannot login anymore with my UmU-card

If you can’t login anymore, it can mean that your card is not active.  Please contact Infocenter Universum to get help.

We strive to create UmU-cards as fast as possible but at certain times of the year it may take longer time.

UmU-card picture is in landscape form

Certain programs in Windows or Mac automatically rotate pictures (even though the picture is actually in landscape form).  the COL system does not automatically rotate pictures.
Make sure your picture is in “portrait” mode before you send it in.  Try opening your picture to make sure it is in the correct format the COL system requires.

UmU-card confirmation 

If you have clicked on ”submit” you will be logged out and returned to the first login screen if all has gone well.
We are currently working on improvements to instructions and screens to hopefully make the process easier.


I have not received a mail about my UmU-card.

If you have changed your primary email address to a hotmail/live-account your UmU-card email is often put in junkmail.

Configuration of OneDrive

OneDrive comes as part of the o365 package for Umeå University.
In the installation of o365 to your computers, you After installation of OneDrive to your computer, you will have a local folder where you will find everything, and that synchronizes automatically to OneDrive in the cloud environment.

1.  Login to with your UmU-ID and click on OneDrive

2.  Install OneDrive from

3.  Once you have installed the OneDrive, login with your UmU-ID


4.  Now that OneDrive is installed in your computer you can access it via Windows Explorer


5.  Synchronization is done automatically everytime you change a file that is in your OneDrive folder.  If you see a blue circle with arrow on the folder, that means the folder/file is currently synchronizing.  If you see a green checkmark, it means that the file/folder is synchronized up to OneDrive.

How do I print from the CopyPrint webpage?

In your web browser go to the following link:

Log in with your UmU-id and PIN-kod. If you are using a Guest card, use the loggin with the 6 digits that are printed on the right hand side of the card as the user name.  The password is your Organisation number.
















Once logged in you come direct to a page where you can choose to upload a document for printing.

The documents you upload will be placed in a printing queue.  You can later choose which document(s) you wish to print out.

Once logged in you can also see the printing queue, as well as you can delete a document from your queue

Click on Upload a new document or image

A window will open (regular ”windows explorer”) where you can choose which document you wish to upload.  Click on Print.

To see your printer queue, click on “My Jobs“.  It is there you can also mark and delete any document from your queue.


















Under History you can see all of the printouts you have used and the cost of them.

Under My Account you can see how much money you have left if your account.

How do I get my UmU card?

Students and employees who are admitted or employed will automatically receive an e-mail about how to apply for the UmU card. As a new student at Umeå University, you need to activate your UmU-id before you can get the UmU card.

An e-mail will be sent to your student e-mail account (, which you can access by signing in to If you have enabled forwarding from your student e-mail to another e-mail account, you should find the message there. If you can´t find the message in the inbox in either account, please check the spam folder in both accounts. If you still can´t find the message, please turn to Infocenter for help.

The e-mail will contain detailed information and a link to the account where you should, among other things, upload your photo. The photo is needed for security. It is important that you read through the information carefully, because you will sign the contingent liability.

Pick up your printed card in Infocenter.

Student mail in your iPhone

To setup email on your iPhone/iPad

1. In Settings -> Mail -> Accounts.

2. Choose Add Account.

3. Choose Exchange.

4. Fill in your whole email address and a description of what you want the account to be named, then click on Next.

5. Write in your password and then click on Next.

6. Under Server, write in

7. Under Domain – leave this line blank.

8. Under Username write in your UmU-ID followed by and then Password.

9. Click on Next and then click on Save.