Apply for guest account with BankID or Freja eID+

As a guest at Umeå university you can apply for a guest account if you have BankID or Freja eID. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Apply.
  3. Choose if you want to apply using BankID or Freja eID+
  4. When you’re logged in you’ll see your personal information from BankID or Freja eID. Your phone number isn’t obligated.
  5. At the bottom you have to name your host at Umeå University. You can verify the e-mailadress if you’d like.
  6. Then click Send application.
  7. If the apply is sent successfully, you will get a message on the screen that says that your apply is received.
  8. Your application is now sent to your host. Once the host has accepted you application, they will send it to the head of department that has to accept your application. Once the head of department has accepted your application, you’ll get an e-mail that says Your application for a guest account is accepted.
  9. Now you need to activate your account by follow the link in the e-mail you received.
  10. Log in with your BankID or Freja eID.
  11. Accept the rools and click Next.
  12. Write your password and then click Complete.
  13. Your account is now activated.

Checklist for troubleshooting error(s) under activation of UmU-ID

The following error(s) could occur during or after the activation of your UmU-ID:

The Password doesn’t work

All passwords at Umeå University must be between 8-20 characters long and fall within the following criteria:

Password must contain at least 3 of the following 4:

  • at least one Capital letter
  • at least one small letter
  • at least one number
  • at least one special character (ex. * ! # )

Passwords CANNOT contain:

  • any portion of or your full name
  • your birthdate
  • the special character @

Passwords do not match

When typing in your password you may receive the following error:

Click on “View passwords in clear text” and correct your error before continuing.

Illegal character(s) in your password

Passwords CANNOT contain:

  • any portion or full part of your name
  • your birthdate
  • the special character @

I have finished the activation guide and it worked but I still cannot log in

It can take a few hours before the information filters through all servers.  If you cannot login directly, wait an hour or two and try again.  If after that you still cannot login, contact Servicedesk.

I clicked on the “back” button and now cannot continue

Unfortunately during the activation process you cannot click on the “back” button,  This invalidates the temporary activation codes.   Activation codes are a one-time code.  Contact Servicedesk and ask for new activation codes to be sent to you.

I have not received the activation codes to my email

Activation codes are sent via email (at the beginning of each term they are sent via regular mail to your registered home address) to the address you wrote in.  If you do not receive the activation codes to that address, contact Servicedesk and ask that they send out new codes to a different address.

I cannot login with my temporary identity

The temporary activation codes sent to you are one time codes and used ONLY to activate your permanent UmU-ID.  You cannot login anywhere with them.  Surf to the following address and start the activation guide.


How do I activate my UmU-id?

Activation guide

You can, as employee, student or associate to Umeå University activate your Umu-id.  The activation guide has instructions and helps you activate your account (and thereafter print out your newly created account information).

You can activate with help of a temporary identity that you should have received, or, as a student, with help of your account.


With activation of your Umu-id, your AD-account is automatically activated with the same password as your Umu-id and your email address is created – normally in the syntax  {firstname}.{lastname}


It is slightly different for students than for staff/associates.  First of all, a student AD-account is activated automatically together with their Umu-id and password is intially set as the same for both accounts.