Accept apply for guest account

When an external person applies for a guest account, they must name a host. The host needs to confirm the apply, and then send it to the head of department so they can accept or deny. This manual shows how the host do to confirm the apply, and also how the head of department accept or denies the applies. At the end of the manual, we also show you how to extend the guest accounts access.

The host – confirm the apply

When someone has applies for a guest account and makes you the host, you will receive an e-mail.

  1. Go to your mail inbox and look for an e-mail that says Apply for guest account.
  2. Click on the link in the e-mail and login with your Umu-id.
  3. Click on Administrate.
  4. You will now see a list of all the names that applied for a guest account and named you as their host. Click on the name of the one who has applied.
  5. Write Organization, for how long time the guest should have a guest account, and the Reason why they need an account.
  6. Then click Confirm apply.

You can also do the apply for the external person

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Administrate and log in with your Umu-id. Click on Create a guest account. If you’re already logged in, you can click on Create a guest account directly.
  3. Fill in User account for external persons and write the external persons information. When you’re done, click Add.

The head of department will receive an e-mail that an apply has been sent. Once the head of department has accepted the apply, the external person must activate the account themselves.

The head of departments approval

  1. Go to your e-mail inbox and click on the mail that says Manage new apply.
  2. Click on the link in the email and log in with you Umu-id.
  3. You’ll now see a list of everyone that waits for an approval.
  4. You can choose to either Accept or Deny.
    If you choose to accept, both the external person and the host will receive an e-mail that says the apply is accepted. If you choose to deny, you must write a reason for why you choose to deny and only the host will receive the information.
  5. Click on Accept to accept the apply for a guest account, and Deny if you don’t want the guest account to be created.

Extend the guests access

If you as the host for the guest account wants so extend the time for the guest account, follow these steps.

  1. Go to activation guide, then Guest accounts and then My accounts.
  2. Click on the name of the person you want to extend the time for.
  3. Click in the square that says Extend end date one year.
  4. Click on Confirm application.
  5. The head of department will receive an e-mail that says Extend account.
  6. The head of department either Approve or Deny.
  7. The host and the external person receives and e-mail once the extending is accepted.

Apply for guest account with Freja eID+

As a guest at Umeå university you can apply for a guest account if you have Freja eID. Freja eID is a digital ID card that you have on your phone as an application. Before you can apply, it’s important that you have a contact person at Umeå University that you can choose as host for your account and that you let them know that you’re applying.  


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Apply.
  3. Scan the QR-code that shows on the screen with you Freja eID-app. You can also choose to log in with you personal identity number and then accept the login in your app.
  4. Write your code and then click Accept.
  5. When your logged in you’ll see your personal information from Freja eID. Your phone number isn’t obligated.
  6. At the bottom you have to name your host at Umeå University. You can verify the e-mailadress if you’d like.
  7. Then click Send application.
  8. If the apply is sent successfully, you will get a message on the screen that says that your apply is received.

    Your application is now sent to your host. Once the host has accepted you application, they will send it to the head of department that has to accept your apply. Once the head of department has accepted your application, you’ll get an e-mail that says Your application for a guest account is accepted.
  9. Now you need to activate your account by follow the link in the e-mail you received.
  10. Log in with your Freja eID.
  11. Accept the rools and click Next.
  12. Write your password and then click Complete.
  13. Your account is now activated.

Change Password on Umu-id (Employee)

When changing your Umu-id password, your AD account will automatically have the same password.

Alt 1

If you log in with your Umu-id on your Windows computer you can change password with CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Alt 2

1. Log in with your Umu-id.

2. Click the Gear and select Options

3. In the left column, choose General -> My account

4. Click Change password

5. Enter your current password followed by the new password, then click Save.

How do I activate my UmU-id?

Activation guide

You can, as employee, student or associate to Umeå University activate your Umu-id.  The activation guide has instructions and helps you activate your account (and thereafter print out your newly created account information).

You can activate with help of a temporary identity that you should have received, or, as a student, with help of your account.


With activation of your Umu-id, your AD-account is automatically activated with the same password as your Umu-id and your email address is created – normally in the syntax  {firstname}.{lastname}


It is slightly different for students than for staff/associates.  First of all, a student AD-account is activated automatically together with their Umu-id and password is intially set as the same for both accounts.