Log in with multifactor authentication, Freja eID+ and Microsoft Authenticator

This manual shows how to log in with multifactor authentication at Umeå Universitys system.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a service that gives you increased protection when logging in to some of the university’s systems. With multi-factor authentication, you log in in two steps, which gives you extra layer of protection on top of your Umu-id and password. Umeå university uses both Microsoft Authenticator and Freja eID+ as multifactor. This means that the log-in site can look different depending on which system you’re logging in to.

Freja eID+

Freja eID plus is a free, government approved digital ID card that helps you login in some systems at Umeå university. You can prove your identity in an application on your phone instead of showing a physical legitimation card.

Follow this manual to log in with Freja eID+.

Microsoft Authenticator

The app Microsoft Authenticator means that you log in on some services with your Umu-id and password, and then you approve the log in on your app Microsoft Authenticator on your phone or hardware token.

Follow this manual to log in with Microsoft Authenticator.

The difference of how to log in with either Freja eID+ or Microsoft Authenticator

When you log in on some of the University’s system, for example Skyddade dokument, you need to choose wether you want to log in with Freja eID+ or Microsoft Authenticator. It will look like this after you’ve typed your Umu-id and password:

Choose the alternative Sign in with Microsoft authenticator if you log in with a hardware token. You also choose this alternative if you use the Microsoft authenticator app on you mobile unit.

The only alternative for log in at Office 365 is Microsoft Authenticator. After you’ve typed your Umu-id and password you will directly be asked to accept the login in your Microsoft Authenticator-app. You don’t have to choose which method you want to log in with.


Apply for guest account with Freja eID+

As a guest at Umeå university you can apply for a guest account if you have Freja eID. Freja eID is a digital ID card that you have on your phone as an application. Before you can apply, it’s important that you have a contact person at Umeå University that you can choose as host for your account and that you let them know that you’re applying.  


  1. Go to administrationsverktyg.umu.se/gastkonton/home
  2. Click on Apply.
  3. Scan the QR-code that shows on the screen with you Freja eID-app. You can also choose to log in with you personal identity number and then accept the login in your app.
  4. Write your code and then click Accept.
  5. When your logged in you’ll see your personal information from Freja eID. Your phone number isn’t obligated.
  6. At the bottom you have to name your host at Umeå University. You can verify the e-mailadress if you’d like.
  7. Then click Send application.
  8. If the apply is sent successfully, you will get a message on the screen that says that your apply is received.

    Your application is now sent to your host. Once the host has accepted you application, they will send it to the head of department that has to accept your apply. Once the head of department has accepted your application, you’ll get an e-mail that says Your application for a guest account is accepted.
  9. Now you need to activate your account by follow the link in the e-mail you received.
  10. Log in with your Freja eID.
  11. Accept the rools and click Next.
  12. Write your password and then click Complete.
  13. Your account is now activated.

Freja eID+

Freja eID+ is a government approved digital ID card that you can use on some services and system at the university. The use of Freja eID+ as method for legitimation opens up the possibility to self-service and means more independence. This manual shows how to log in to Umeå University’s systems with Freja eID+. 


  1. Type your Umu-id and your password.
  2. Choose between either Microsoft Authenticator or Freja eID+. Choose Sign in with Freja eID+.
  3. On your mobile device in the Freja eID+ application, scan the QR-code and accept the login.

Change or reset Password on Umu-id (Employee)

When changing your Umu-id password, your AD account will automatically have the same password.

Alt 1

If you log in with your Umu-id on your Windows computer you can change password with CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Alt 2

If you are not on an AD-connected university computer or have forgotten your password, you can reset your password using BankID or Freja eID+.

  1. Go to the administration tool My Settings
  2. Choose I have forgotten my Umu-ID and/or my password

  3. Select With BankID or With Freja eID and follow the instructions.


Note! Once you have changed your password, it is important that you update the password on your devices as old passwords used for automatic logins in e.g. mail can lock your account (15 minutes before it is automatically unlocked).