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Block or release quarantined email

When an email has ended up in the spam filter,  you will receive an e-mail from the sender noreply@umu.se that you have an email in quarantine. If you believe the message to be safe, you can choose to let it through so it ends up in your inbox. If the message is spam, you don’t need to […]

Transfer a call

1. When you’re in a call, select More actions > Transfer in your call controls. 2. Start typing the name of the person or phone number you want to transfer the call to and select them when they appear. 3. If you are transferring to another Teams user, turn on Ring back if there’s no answer to send the call back to you […]

Log-in/log-out from Call Queues in Teams

When you are assigned as an agent in a Teams Call Queue, it is possible to opt-in (sign in) and opt-out (sign out). It is only when you are in opt-in status that you will get calls from the Call Queue routed to your Teams client. Call Queues can be configured so you only get […]

Forward calls in Teams

If you can’t or don’t want to receive calls in Teams, you can forward your calls in a few different ways. Select the “Do not disturb” status Select the “Do Not Disturb” status to forward calls and temporarily turn off notifications. Click on your profile in the upper right corner, then click on the status […]

Frequently asked questions about OneDrive

Onedrive FAQ How do I transfer files to OneDrive? You can either upload files directly from OneDrive in the portal (o365.umu.se) or in OneDrive in windows explorer on your computer by dragging and dropping the files in the folder OneDrive – Umeå University. Files in OneDrive Can I create folders in OneDrive? Yes, you can […]

Frequently asked questions about Teams

Meetings in Teams Will Skype be phased out? Yes, Microsoft will eventually stop updating Skype and only invest in Microsoft Teams. At this time, it is only possible to use Teams for calls within the university. If you need to call someone outside of the university, use Skype until further notice. How many people can […]

Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis

Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis (PDF) These instructions concerns Triple Helix and Aula Biologica. Preparations for an online defence of doctoral thesis Select an alternative host Make sure there is a person on site during your online defence who can moderate and administer the meeting. Selecting an alternative host is a way […]

Download Matlab

To download Matlab, login to your account at the MathWorks webpage http://se.mathworks.com Go to ‘My Account’  Go to ‘Download Products’  Choose the main option (Newest version) Select your platform Save the installer (for example matlab_R2015a_win64.exe) Run installer, Follow installation instructions When prompted to login, login with your MathWorks account

Create an account MathWorks

Go to MathWorks homepage http://se.mathworks.com Create an account using your umu.se email address MathWorks will send you a verification email, click the link in the email to verify When you have clicked the email link you will be taken to a registration page at the MathWorks homepage. Fill in your details (UserID is optional and […]