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Add background effects to Teams 

You can download and use images taken at campus as a background image when you are in a meeting in Teams. If you use Teams as an application in your computer and have the Client Management service, the images are already uploaded to Teams. If you do not have Client Management, you must upload the images yourself.  If you have Client Management When […]

OneDrive FAQ

How do I transfer files to OneDrive? You can either upload files directly from OneDrive in the portal (o365.umu.se) or in OneDrive in windows explorer on your computer by dragging and dropping the files in the folder OneDrive – Umeå University. Files in OneDrive Can I create folders in OneDrive? Yes, you can create folders […]

Teams FAQ

Meetings in Teams Will Skype disappear? Yes, Microsoft will eventually stop updating Skype and instead only invest in Microsoft Teams. At this time, it is not possible to call external persons directly via Teams. You can do this as usual via Skype, until the changes are made. How many people can you see at the […]

Empty Box and move files to a shared library in Sharepoint

Instructions for moving files and folders from Box to a shared library in Sharepoint and emptying Box. You can use a shared library in Sharepoint to store files and folders that you want to share with other people. Remember that you may not store files that contain sensitive personal information, confidentiality or are security protected […]

Empty Box and move files to OneDrive

Instructions for moving your files from Box to OneDrive and emptying Box. You should use OneDrive to store your own files. In OneDrive you can share files with other people. Keep in mind that you may not store files that contain sensitive personal information or secrecy in either Box or OneDrive. Log in to Box. […]

Find out who you are sharing files with in Box

To find out which folders and files you have shared with others, look for two icons. Icon for a shared folder: Icon for a shared file: Find out who you have shared folders/files with If you want to see who you have shared a folder with, select the shared folder. To the right you can […]

Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis

Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis (PDF) Preparations for an online defence of doctoral thesis Chairperson and host Make sure that a person can participate to chair and host the meeting in the online service chosen. Technician on site The Campus Services Office will always supply a technician onsite who can make sure […]

Download Matlab

To download Matlab, login to your account at the MathWorks webpage http://se.mathworks.com Go to ‘My Account’  Go to ‘Download Products’  Choose the main option (Newest version) Select your platform Save the installer (for example matlab_R2015a_win64.exe) Run installer, Follow installation instructions When prompted to login, login with your MathWorks account

Create an account MathWorks

Go to MathWorks homepage http://se.mathworks.com Create an account using your umu.se email address MathWorks will send you a verification email, click the link in the email to verify When you have clicked the email link you will be taken to a registration page at the MathWorks homepage. Fill in your details (UserID is optional and […]