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Most common Excel problems in LimeSurvey

The following is a list of the most common problems with Excel in LimeSurvey. Editing a .csv It is NOT recommended to use Excel to edit .csv files becaue Excel does changes in the data structure of a .csv file which will result in a fail during your import.   It is recommended to use Libre […]

Installing “My Backup” (Code42 Crashplan) for MacOS

This manual helps MacOS users to install and log in to the cloud-based service “My Backup” (Code42 Crashplan)   Before starting, you need to check whether an old version of the program is installed on your computer (the old version is called Code42, version 7 or 8). If you have an old version of the […]

Change primary e-mail for you who are a student

As Umeå University has switched to the new Ladok, it may be that the e-mail address you have used for your studies here is no longer the same as in Ladok. This may affect the ability to receive notifications from Canvas, Cambro or Moodle. Therefore, you need to log in and check your email address. […]

Voicemail with Telia (standalone mobile telephone)

These instructions apply to those who have a standalone mobile telephone with Telia, and DO NOT use Skype for telephony (therefore do not have a landline number (090-). To access the voicemail menu, dial the number 989 on your mobile phone.  Then navigate as shown below.

Anti-spam UmU

On a normal day, the university receives a few million emails, most of which are stopped immediately because the server/address that sent the email has been classified as someone who sends spam. The remaining mail is then analyzed and approx. 10,000 are then classified as spam and stored in the user’s spam quarantine. About 5,000 […]

Clear cache files in your web browser (MacOS)

To be sure that you se the latest version of the web page in your browser, it is recommended that you empty the cache files before you surf to a specific page. Cache files contain information from web pages you have visited in order for them to re-load faster next time you visit them. Chrome […]

Computer Labs

There are a few computers around the university that are open for all students to use.  These belong to the University Librarys computer labs. There is also a computer lab in the Medical Library (building 6M NUS) All other computer labs are the responsibility of individual departments.  Students of those respective departments have access to […]

Booking group rooms at Universum

Booking Universum has a few group rooms available that you as a student can book. Group rooms are booked via the University library’s homepage. To be able to see the booking page surf to http://www.ub.umu.se/en/booking To be able to book a group room you need a student email to confirm your booking.  If you need an […]