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Frequently asked questions about Teams

Meetings in Teams Will Skype be phased out? Yes, Microsoft will eventually stop updating Skype and only invest in Microsoft Teams. At this time, it is only possible to use Teams for calls within the university. If you need to call someone outside of the university, use Skype until further notice. How many people can […]


Prepare and create Breakout rooms before a Teams meeting

In this manual, we describe how you as a meeting organizer use breakout rooms in Teams to create meaningful discussions and exchange of ideas. **Observe** that to use Breakout rooms, you need to use the Desktop application for Teams.   We recommend that you prepare your Breakout rooms before the Teams meeting. It is only […]


Work with multiple organizations in Teams

If you work in multiple organizations that use Teams (for example Umeå University and Region Västerbotten) and want to use Teams for each organization, these are instructions that may facilitate your work. One way to make it easier when you’re a member of multiple organizations is to use different interfaces for different organizations. For example, […]


Create a “team” in Teams

  Open Teams.  You will find Teams as an app in your computer, or via att log in to Office 365 in your web browser.   Log in with your Umu-id.  Log in to Office 365  In the menu choose  ”Teams” From the menu on the left hand side choose “Teams” To Join a team or […]


Move files between channels or teams in Teams/Sharepoint

This manual will show you how you move individual files in Teams, how to move multiple files or folders and how to move files from a private channel. Move individual file directly in teams: Find the file you want to move. Click on the three dots and select Move. A new window will appear where […]


Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis

Instructions for an online defence of doctoral thesis (PDF) These instructions concerns Triple Helix and Aula Biologica. Preparations for an online defence of doctoral thesis Select an alternative host Make sure there is a person on site during your online defence who can moderate and administer the meeting. Selecting an alternative host is a way […]


Inviting multiple users to a team in Teams

Here are two tips on how to invite members to join a team themselves. Note that these options only work for users with an account at Umeå University. Invite with a code All teams have a code that can be used to join the team. The person using the code will join the team immediately. […]


Set up your notifications in Teams

When you want to set up and adjust your notifications settings in Microsoft Teams, there are two options: for the entire application or for each channel. Set up notifications for the Teams application Click on the three dots next to you profile picture in the upper right corner in Teams. A menu will appear, select […]


Add background effects to Teams 

You can download and use images taken at campus as a background image when you are in a meeting in Teams. If you use Teams as an application in your computer and have the Client Management service, the images are already uploaded to Teams. If you do not have Client Management, you must upload the images yourself.  If you have Client Management When […]


Tips for a successful team in Teams

Create a good base structure What is the main reason for the team?  What does the group need?  Which channels will you have?  ….to start with and why? Choosing the correct rights and permissions Decide which rights and permissions each member will have with regards to channels, messages and tabs. Always create at least two […]