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Remove an external organization

Go to https://myapps.microsoft.com and sign in with your Umu-id@ad.umu.se Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select View account. In the left menu, select Organizations. Find the organization you want to remove and select Leave organization. Select Leave in the pop-up window. You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail.

Google Apps is shutting down – what do I do?

Umeå University phase out the use of Google Apps until march 31 2022. This means that if you use Google Apps today you have to move all of your material and choose another service for your cooperation, communication and storing of files and material. The university has decided to phase out Google Apps due to […]

Export Google data to a private Google account

Step 1. Find Google Takeout and log in with the right account Go to Google Takeout. Chose your Gapps-account in the list. Observe, if you have several accounts it’s very important to chose the one you want to export files from. If you don’t find your account in the list, chose Use another account and log in […]

Use Google Drive app to export files to your Mac computer

This manual shows how to use Google Drive App to download (copy) your Google Drive files to your Mac computer. Log in to Google Apps Log in to Google apps here. Click on the blue button Log in with Umeå University. Write your google apps e-mail adress and password (Umu-id@gapps.umu.se) Step 1. Find Google Drive […]

Export Google data with Google Takeout – user guide

Follow this manual if you want to export files from Googles products to your own computer with Google Takeout, so that you later on can upload your files to a safe space.  What is Google Takeout? Google Takeout is a service that makes it possible for Googles users to export the data to their own […]

Use Google Drive to export files (Windows)

This manual shows how to use Google Drive on your windows computer to copy and download your files. Have you downloaded and installed Google Drive? If not, follow this manual.   Log in to Google Apps Go to google.se. In the right upper corner, click on Log in. Write your google apps e-mail adress and password. Step […]

Create files and maps in SharePoint

This manual describes how you create new documents, files and maps in a current SharePoint group website. Open your browser and go to www.o365.umu.se. Search for SharePoint among all the applications in the panel to the left. Click on More applications if you don’t see the app. Click on SharePoint. Click on the globe, My […]

Work with multiple organizations in Teams

If you work in multiple organizations that use Teams (for example Umeå University and Region Västerbotten) and want to use Teams for each organization, these are instructions that may facilitate your work. One way to make it easier when you’re a member of multiple organizations is to use different interfaces for different organizations. For example, […]

Book a live event in Teams

Open the calendar and select the arrow to the right of New meeting. Then select Live event. To the left you can add a title, a location, a date, time and a description of what the event is about. To the right you can invite people to the event group. The eventgroup consists of the […]

Calendar view in Microsoft Lists

Use Microsoft Lists to create a simple list of events, and then add the calendar view. Create a new list Create a new list as a blank list and create all columns from scratch. You can save it to a SharePoint site that you have access to. From the List app, select +New list. If […]