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Digital signature with eduSign

With the service eduSign you can upload and digitally sign PDF- and XML documents. The service is provided by SUNET and is available for all employees at Umeå University with an Umu-id. The first time you’re logging in Save the document that you want to sign on your computer. Save it as a PDF or […]

Log in with multifactor authentication, Freja eID+ and Microsoft Authenticator

This manual shows how to log in with multifactor authentication at Umeå Universitys system. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a service that gives you increased protection when logging in to some of the university’s systems. With multi-factor authentication, you log in in two steps, which gives you extra layer of protection on top of your Umu-id […]

Apply for guest account with Freja eID+

As a guest at Umeå university you can apply for a guest account if you have Freja eID. Freja eID is a digital ID card that you have on your phone as an application. Before you can apply, it’s important that you have a contact person at Umeå University that you can choose as host […]

Freja eID+

Freja eID+ is a government approved digital ID card that you can use on some services and system at the university. The use of Freja eID+ as method for legitimation opens up the possibility to self-service and means more independence. This manual shows how to log in to Umeå University’s systems with Freja eID+.    […]

Change color and theme on your form in Forms

Change color on your form Go to the form you want to change. Click on Theme. Then you can choose among different colors or backgrounds. You can also click on + to choose a color by yourself or to upload a your own pictures or files. You can for example upload a picture on Campus […]

Make a branch in Forms

When you create your forms and tests, you can choose to branch questions. This means that the current questions belongs or depends on another questions in the quiz. Open the form where you want to make a branch. Choose the questions that you want to branch, click on the three little dots and then Add […]

Get started with the new Whiteboard

Find Whiteboard Open your browser and go to www.o365.umu.se. In the panel to the left, click on the icon at the bottom More applications. Choose Whiteboard. Whiteboard portal After you’ve clicked on Whiteboard you will get to Whiteboard portal. You’ll se all of your current Whiteboards. Click on Create a new Whiteboard to create a […]