Create a board view in Microsoft Lists

Lists is a tool in Microsoft 365 where you can create, share, and track lists. In this manual we describe how you create a board view.

Observe that the appearance can differ whether you are using Mac or Windows.

Create board view

  1. Go to your chosen list in Microsoft Lists you want to create a board view in.
  2. Choose All objects in the menu bar and then Create new view.
    Image showing how to choose "All items" i Microsoft lists
  3. Now you see the window where you can edit and create you new view:
    1. Add the name you want for your board view.
    2. Then choose Board
    3. Choose how you want to organize your board by clicking the arrow to the right in this field. If you don’t already have any completed columns, it will automatically create a column that is named choice1. If you have completed columns, choose the column you want to organize you board view by (Example: by location, status, or date). Your board view will then be sorted and structured by how you have organized your board.
    4. If you want your list to be public for others, you tic this box. If you want it to be private, you keep this box empty. If you choose to make it private, you are the only one who can see and edit the board.
    5. When you are ready, click Create.
    Image showing how to create and edit your board view
  4. Now your Board view is showing, and here you can Add new buckets and manage your current buckets. You can place your objects to the bucket they belong to and add more object by clicking the Plus-sign in the right corner of each bucket.
    Image showing your board view

Import files to Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a tool that can be used if you want to create a form or a test. In this guide we describe how to import files with already completed question to Forms.

    1. To open Forms, use this link:, or go to the office portal ( If you choose the latter option, go to All my forms further down on the page.Picture that bescribes how it looks when you go to "All my forms"
    2. Choose Quick import to import your file.
      Image that shows how it looks when you find "Quick import"
    3. To import the file, choose Upload from this device. Observe that the limit for the file size is 10MB. Now yoy can also click See import guidance to see how to structure your Word-document, or PDF before you upload it.
      Image that shows how it looks when you are about to upload you file
    4. Then pick the file you want to import.
    5. Choose whether you want to create a Test or a Form.
      Image that shows how it looks when you decide if you want to create a form or a test
    6. When the file has converted, you choose if you want to Import another file, or Start reviewing the form/test.
      Image that shows how it looks like when your file has been converted
    7. Now you can edit your imported questions, to make sure they have the correct layout. You can also delete or add questions.
      Image that shows how iut looks like when you can edit your uploaded form


With this function you can only create question with multiple alternatives, and questions with open text (for example fill in an empty space). For more advanced types of questions you must add them directly in Forms.

Download and install Microsoft 365

Information on how to download and install Microsoft Office 365 desktop suite.

Remote support with ITS

Information on how to prepare for remote support via TeamViewer.

Delete groups in Microsoft 365

Delete groups in the tool 

You can delete groups in the respective tools where the group is located, such as Planner, SharePoint, and Teams. Note that if you delete a group, you delete everything that belongs to the group. For example, if you delete a group in Planner, you delete the SharePoint site and possibly the Team that belongs to the group. 

Delete group in Planner

  1. Go to Hubben – Planner (, it lists all planners you have authorization to. 
  2. To delete, go under the three dots and select Plan settings.
  3. At the bottom of the Plan Settings dialog window, you can find the button to delete the group.

Delete group in SharePoint

  1. It’s not easy to find all of your SharePoint sites. That’s why you need to search for them, and you can do so with the following link that includes a search query: SharePoint
  2. Select the site you want to administrate. If you are an owner, then under the gear you will receive website information. At the bottom of that window is the Delete option.

Skärmdump site information Sharepoint

Delete group in Teams 

  1. Go to your Teams client and select Team on the menu to the left.
  2. In the listing of teams, you can click on the three dots of the desired team. If you are the owner, you have the option of clicking on Delete team at the bottom of the menu.

Delete one specific team in Teams

Administrate groups through Outlook (Office 365)

If you’ve moved your email to Office 365, you can easily administer the groups you belong to or own through Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook and go to your email box.
  2. Select Groups on the menu to the left.
  3. It lists the groups that you have permission to and that are configured to be visible in Outlook.
  4. Select Group, then open Group Settings in the top menu. In the menu presented, you can administer your group.

Skärmdump som visar Gruppinställningar i Outlook

Install eduroam manually

A collection of guides for different operating systems on how to connect to eduroam manually.

Add and remove members from a SharePoint teamsite

In this manual, we’ll show you how to add and remove members from a SharePoint team site. Note that you must be the owner of the SharePoint team site to add and remove members.

  1. Go to the SharePoint team site you want to add or remove members.
  2. Click on members in the right corner below your profile.
    add or remove members from a sharepoint group - click on members
  3. Click Add members to add new members to the SharePoint group. (A new box comes up, type in the email address of the person you want to invite).
  4. Click on the Arrow below the person you want to remove, and then select Remove from Group.
    view on where to add or remove members from a sharepoint group